Koi Fish Owner Hired Workers To Clean His Pond But All His Fish Died After

Warning: This story may trigger owners and lovers of ornamental fish. Read at your own discretion.

Preservation of expensive fish is not easy.

Through his Twitter page, a netizen @anthraxxx uploaded the story of Muhd Ashnur in Malaysia, who had hired an employee to clean his koi fish pond. After completing the cleaning process, he found out all the fish had died tragically.

I am so angry today that I might lose my mind! Today I hired an employee to clean the fish pond, and he actually cleaned it. But all my fish are dead. How do you think I should deal with this?

This is what happens when you ask an inexperienced worker who knows nothing of fish preservation to clean the pond. The owner himself is also wrong in doing that.

While it is not uncommon for fish to die due to water changes when tanks or ponds are being cleaned, it is highly recommended that fish owners do not make full water changes. They should leave at least 50% of the old water and combine it with fresh water.

When making a complete water change, the possibility of changes in the pH level or the water concentration and temperature can happen. This can result in fishes being shocked and die because of it.

In this case, koi fish are known to be very sensitive to new environmental changes.

Not only will you lose your favorite exotic fish, but also thousands of dollars.

Some netizens retweeted their experience that faced the same outcome and offered advice to beginners who are just getting used to keeping ornamental fish.

Cleaned my father’s fish pond once. Half of the fish died. I never heard the end of it for weeks. Lesson learned, never replace water completely.

One netizen wrote.

You need to mix it with old water and place the pump in the pond temporarily when you clean the pond so that the fish does not run out of air. Another netizen advised.
A pond full of fish can run smoothly with a good filtration system. But improper water changing techniques can cause disasters. Hard teaching. Others wrote.

Moreover, the employee who cleaned the fish pond is innocent. Unless it’s a professional fish pond cleaner who is very knowledgeable with his work, only then should the worker be hold accountable.

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