A Brave Police Dog Gets Stabbed Several Times Confronting a Suspect but Returns a Hero

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) responded to a barricade incident involving a suicidal man. They stated that the assailant set an apartment on fire and made his exit carrying a knife. The police dog on duty, Enzo, bit the man but was stabbed several times in return. Fortunately, Enzo was immediately sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and his current condition is now stable, and gradually recovering.

PEOPLE Online reported that the incident occurred on the 31st of March. A man refused to leave the apartment and was carrying a knife. When the police arrived, he set the apartment on fire and exited the building. He approached the officers, and K9 Enzo ran and bit the man, who stabbed him several times in the process. The police were quick to detain the assailant, and Enzo was immediately sent to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

“He quickly closed the distance on officers who deployed less-lethal options, including K9 Enzo,” police said. “Enzo bit the subject, but the male was able to stab the dog multiple times.”

LVMPD shared Enzo’s latest condition on their Twitter page. They said his injuries have been treated, and his condition is now stable. Enzo is recuperating. The photo of Enzo on the operating table, wearing a muzzle and staring straight at the camera, is truly heartbreaking. The brave K9 is fighting hard to recover. As for the assailant who stabbed Enzo, the police said he later stabbed himself and is currently receiving treatment at the UMC Trauma Center. The man’s wounds may have been treated, but his condition is critical.

Image and Twitter posts credits: © LVMPD @LVMPD

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