A Woman Catches a Full-Grown Cockroach and Gives It a Look-Down Before Releasing It Outside Her Apartment Window

Women nowadays are becoming fearless. A Malaysian woman took matters into her own hands (literally) when she spotted a full-grown cockroach in her bedroom. Instead of feeling disgusted and running away, she snuck up on the cockroach and grabbed it before it could escape (or fly away).

TikTok user @villa.lyla shared a video of her grabbing an adult cockroach, which was crawling into her bag in her bedroom. With full determination, she snuck up on the pest and grabbed it with her bare hand. She clasped it tightly with her fist and stared straight into its eyes. Although the creature was small, it is evident that the cockroach was surprised by the sudden turn of events.




“Kesian awak lipas terjumpa saya,” her caption read on the post. It translates to, “It’s a pity you met me, cockroach.”

The woman tightly clasped the cockroach and gave it a stare-down, showing it who’s boss, and went straight for the window. She gave it another look to teach it a lesson, then released it outside the window from her 5th-level apartment.



The video on TikTok had garnered over 4.2 million views globally and 175,000 reactions. Her fellow Malaysians have praised her for her fearlessness.


Watch the full video of the hilarious “Who’s the boss?” incident below:

Watch on TikTok. Click HERE.

Screenshot images and Video credits: © PeanutButter @villa.lyla/TikTok

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