Video Footage of a Dog Left Behind by His Owner in the Middle of a Highway and Chasing His Owner’s Car Breaks the Internet Hearts

A heartbreaking scene recently occurred in the middle of a highway in California, USA. A bull terrier was deliberately abandoned in the middle of a busy street by his owner. The owner was a woman who (literally) threw him out of her car in the middle of a highway. The poor dog kept attempting to enter the car’s window, hoping his owner would take him back. When the owner drove away at a green light, the dog desperately chased the speeding car. The heartbreaking scene was accidentally captured on a delivery car cam, and it went viral on the internet when it was shared online.

In the video captured by a dashcam, a bull terrier was kicked out of the car along Long Beach, California. In an intersection, while the traffic light was red, the dog attempted to climb up the closed window and circled the car to find one that was opened. The poor dog kept getting his owner’s attention, hoping she would take him back. When the lights turned green, the car sped away, and the confused dog chased it.

The person whose dashcam accidentally captured the heartbreaking scene was a delivery driver. His video camera was still on at the time of the incident. In the video, the voice of the delivery driver could be heard saying, “Poor dog! This dog has just been abandoned! Take your dog away!”



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24-year-old dog lover Destiny Gomez immediately contacted the delivery driver after seeing the heartbreaking video online, hoping to rescue the dog in time. “When I saw that video, my heart was broken, and I couldn’t help crying. I couldn’t forget how the puppy looked in the video,” she said in an interview.

With the help of other dog lovers on the internet and other witnesses, Destiny learned that the incident occurred along Pacific Coast Highway and Cherry Avenue. Destiny, along with a friend, found the dog and helped take care of him at home. He was named Chico.

As of April 28, Chico is now safe under the care of Bella’s Animal Rescue. He has been groomed and is given a lot of love and care. Chico and the shelter hope to find a family who will provide him with a forever home.

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