A 2.2kg. Rabbit was Asked by the Vet to Lose Weight, but Urges Her Owner to Provide More Feeds

A rabbit who lives with her owner in Yilan County, Taiwan, has an irrepressible appetite. She grew so big and weighs 2.2 kilograms (about 4.85 lbs.) The rabbit, named Meng Meng,” has been asked by the vets to lose some of the excess weight, so her diet was changed from 5 meals to 3 meals a day. Additionally, her feeds were gradually reduced. However, if Meng Meng is not satisfied with her meals, she will stand near the railings of her cage with a pitiful look, begging her owner for more feeds. Her owner, Peng Xiangyun, unfortunately, is unable to resist. Netizens claim she reminds them of Dodger Rabbit, Roger Rabbit’s evil cousin. 😆


Meng Meng: “Is there really… no more… food…?”
Meng Meng has an irrepressible appetite for food and always feels sleepy.


3-year-old Meng Meng loves to eat her feeds and is usually sleepy. A rabbit’s standard body weight should be around 1.5 kgs., but Meng Meng reached 2.2 kgs., which made her overweight for her age. Therefore, the vets told the owner to monitor her weight and make her lose the extra pounds. However, 6 months have passed, and Meng Meng only lost 0.2kg. “I helped her lose weight by reducing the amount of feed,” Peng Xiangyun said in an interview with ETtoday Pet Online. “But she begged for more food every day like in the photo, and I would be soft-hearted and feed her, so the weight loss was very slow.”


Meng Meng: “Save the rabbit! There is a rabbit here that is about to faint from hunger.”


Peng Xiangyun shared, “Meng Meng used to be able to eat five meals a day, and the portions were large. Now, I give her three regular meals in reduced amounts. But she really loves to eat and gets hungry after about 2-3 hours, so she often eats, just like in the photo.”

Peng Xiangyun loves Meng Meng very much and is always affected by her sad and begging facial expression. She said helplessly, “Meng Meng’s face begging for food is really cute but looking at her figure and not daring to give her food, I really struggle in my heart so that she has not been able to lose weight.”

Meng Meng was asked by the doctors to lose weight.
Meng Meng only lost 0.2 kilograms in half a year.


Photos of Meng Meng were shared on a Facebook rabbit club group, and community members were amused by her chubby look. They left comments and said:

“Meng Meng: ‘Mom, I’m not fat. I’m just too hairy…’😆

“Do you all take rabbits to exercise???”

“This kid is too strong.😆

“Come to Auntie. Auntie will give you a (mistake).”

“That body… It’s really not going to be reduced!”

“This prairie dog is so cute!”

“Aren’t the hands too strong?”

“The food is very good.”

“Meng Meng: ‘I tend to get fat easily, and that little look in my eyes makes me reluctant to let go…’”

“Meng Meng: ‘I’m just Mao Peng.’”

Images credits: © Peng Xiangyun for ETtoday News Online

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