Lonely Blind Dog Left Next to a Busy Street is Saved and Given a Second Chance at a Happy Life

All dogs wish for infinite love from their human parents. We enjoy seeing the ultimate happiness in their eyes when they are filled with love and affection from us. Their joy is also reflected in the way they wag their tails when we come home from school or work. In that way, they understand that they mean the world to us, and we are full of adoration for them, too.

However, some owners who feel they no longer need these fabulous creatures just dump them and leave them on their own so they can’t find their way back home. These lovable pets feel betrayed when it happens since they were abandoned by the family they have loved and trusted the most.

A blind dog was dumped at the side of a busy highway by the family she trusted unconditionally. Her former owners abandoned her and never looked back, not even with the slightest concern about the consequences that could happen next. The poor pup was terrified and confused, curled up on the side of the road. She was hoping that one day, she would hear the familiar voices of her family again and get her back.

When a rescuer from the Sadie Dog Rescue shelter, Laura Myatt, received images and a video of the abandoned blind dog, she immediately fled to the scene. When she arrived at the location, she instantly found the pup curled up under a bush beside the busy road. She named the dog Teasel.

Laura’s heart was overwhelmed with sadness when she saw Teasel’s condition and how terrified the poor pup was. The dog’s feelings were full of sadness, and her lovely face looked very confused. Fortunately, a kind-hearted man gave Teasel some food for many day days. According to the Good Samaritan, Teasel would not move from her spot, even when it rained. She was hopeful her owners would come back one day and take her home again.

Although Teasel was blind, she could sense when there were people near her. When Laura caressed her head, Teasel would tremble and draw back. This gesture made Laura wonder if Teasel ever felt love from her former owners. Laura gently secured a leash on Teasel and brought her to the shelter.


Upon her arrival, Teasel was instantly welcomed with open arms by the staff at the shelter. She was immediately showered with consolation and well-deserved love. The staff removed all ticks and fleas from her fur and prepared a place for her to rest comfortably. Although she was still frightened, Teasel was gentle towards the staff but still shied away from human touch. Laura saw the crestfallen look in Teasel’s eyes but is hopeful that she will begin to trust them in time.

The shelter staff continued showering her with love and affection, hoping Teasel would realize one day how beautiful life is. However, 2 weeks after her rescue, Teasel began wagging her tail whenever she heard Laura’s voice.

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Teasel’s rescuers took the pup to a vet for a thorough medical check-up. At her first appointment, the vet, unfortunately, revealed that Teasel may have a Metastatic Mammary Tumor, a breast cancer wherein cells move away from the primary tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system. However, the vets said that more testing needed to be done for confirmation.

After a month, Teasel began to ease up and reveal her joyful disposition. She started to warm up to Laura and the other staff at the shelter. She would curl up to their cuddles.


Laura shared on Facebook that when the staff took Teasel to an eye doctor, they were sad to learn that her vision could never be restored. However, Teasel has adjusted well to her condition. Additionally, the doctor also revealed that the adorable pup would need to have her left eye removed due to glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause vision loss or blindness due to a damaged nerve at the back of the eye called the optic nerve.

Fortunately, Teasel did not wait long for her forever home. A woman instantly fell in love with Teasel the moment she saw her and decided to adopt her and become her human mom. Teasel’s new mom will be by her side while she recuperates from her surgery.

Before Teasel left with her new mom, the adorable pup bid farewell to her human friends and rescuers whom she learned to trust. They were the humans who were there for her during the times she needed them the most.

Laura and the staff were overwhelmed with happiness for Teasel because she finally found her forever home. She can leave all the bad days behind her and will be receiving all the love and affection she deserves.

Additionally, thank you to the Good Samaritan who provided food for Teasel at the time she was abandoned and the rescuers who gave Teasel a second chance at life.

Images credits: © Sadies Dog Rescue/Facebook, Laura Myatt/Facebook, Laura Myatt via Rocky Kanaka

Instagram post credits: © Sadies Dog Rescue @sadies_dog_rescue

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