A Japanese Woman Raises an Emu and Shares Their Daily Lives on Social Media that Amazes Netizens

Many people love having pets at home. As of late, even exotic animals allowed as pets are becoming a trend among animal lovers, such as iguanas and the like. However, a woman would rarely keep an “emu” inside her home. A Japanese woman shares photos of her daily life raising an emu. One day, she shared a hilarious photo of her cleaning poop in one corner of her home. The emu was standing tall behind her, seemingly telling her to clean up the mess. 😆

The woman usually shares many photos of her daily life with an emu as her pet on Twitter (@eli_elilema). In one photo she shared, the woman was cleaning the kitchen, ridding of the emu’s poop. The emu was standing behind her as though it was supervising her work. The condescending posture of the emu behind her seems to be saying, “Clean every corner. There are more in there.” The hilarious photo sent netizens into a fit of laughter.

The photo has attracted thousands of views, with many netizens laughing at the so-called “supervisor.”

“The picture is so surreal!”

“It’s so tall and cute! It’s funny, but I could not help wanting to touch an emu’s behind. 😆

An emu can grow as tall as 2 meters high. Previous reports pointed out that emus are not particularly prohibited from being raised at home. However, only a few people would prefer them as pets since they can grow taller than a human. According to Wikipedia, the “Emu,” also known as the “Australian ostrich,” has strong leg muscles and sharp claws that can slice through a predator’s stomach. They are generally gentle animals and will not harm humans. However, when they see a single person, they immediately run away.

Featured photo and Twitter posts credits: © Desert (Emu-chan’s person) @eli_elilema

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