A Kind-hearted Administrator of a Community Installed Sheds as Temporary Shelters for Stray Dogs During the Rainy Season

A Thai community administrator loves to help stray animals. One day, the caretaker of Muang Thong Thani, a district in Bangkok, Thailand, had a brilliant idea to help stray animals shelter from the storm and gusty winds. To help the community’s stray animals, he created a resting shed, especially for these lovable beings. The locals also volunteered to help. Here is a photo of the finished shed made especially for the stray animals.

The community administrators and volunteers have set up simple triangular sheds against the fences on sidewalks within the community. They are easy to use. These are where the dogs or cats can lie down and rest while being protected from the wind, sun, and rain. The considerate caretaker made these sheds very special. When the shed is not in use, it can easily be folded against the fence. The lightweight design is really very convenient! The easy-to-follow illustrated instructions on the shed can be done by anyone and help the stray animals get in.


This brilliant initiative done by the administrators and volunteers aroused heated discussions and praise among netizens:

“What a heart-warming idea for a device!”

“This way, the stray animals don’t have to worry about rainy days.”

“I hope every community can have this shed.”

“Thank you to the enthusiastic administrators and volunteers!”

A fan page on Facebook has promoted this design and has more detailed instructions. They need more support. You can also go to จรจัดสรร to like and follow on Facebook!


View on Facebook. Click HERE.

Seeing this heartwarming stray-friendly device and learning of the initiative of Muang Thong Thani’s administrators and volunteers, there (really) are animal lovers everywhere in the world. Hopefully, other communities, cities, and countries may follow suit.

Images credits: © สี่ขาขาจร (Four-Legged Homeless)/Facebook

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