A Woman Ironing Clothes Near the Window Senses Someone Often Watching Her… Until She Found Out Who It Was

Have you ever felt someone was watching you or felt an unseen entity in the room with you? Perhaps you can trust your sixth sense at times like these. A netizen shared on Facebook that one day, she was ironing clothes next to the apartment window when she suddenly shivered and felt someone was watching her. Looking out the window, she saw nothing. Resorting to a Facebook group, she shared a photo of the view outside her window and captioned it, “I feel the shiver every time I iron clothes at home.” The community members were suddenly intrigued and searched the photo of anyone watching the woman. And then they saw it!


At first glance, you will only see apartment windows with the usual home furniture and blinds. Nothing is strange. However, a netizen’s comment prompted the woman, and finally, she saw the “unseen” force staring back at her in the photo. In one of the windows on the left was a pair of paws standing at the window.


A black cat was staring (straight) at the woman while she ironed her clothes! She was right all along. The “cute feline neighbor” watches her all the time while she irons clothes. If it weren’t for the sharp-eyed community member who pointed out the cat, it would have taken them all days before they realized someone was (really) watching her. The black cat at the window was so well-hidden that netizens could not see it immediately.


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Source: © 路上觀察學院 (Observation Academy on the Road)/Facebook Group

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