78yo Woman Transforms a Minivan into a Mobile Home for Her Freedom and Adventure

78-year-old Evelyn Gagon shifted her lifestyle of traditional living to welcome an adventurous life on wheels. She has proven that it is never too late to pursue your dream of wandering to places you’ve always wanted to go to. Transforming her 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan into a mobile home and affectionately calling it Josie,” Evelyn made her dream come true and lived out her golden years roaming the country. It was a deliberate choice to add a fresh perspective and more excitement to her life.

“Josie’s” interior is perfectly designed and makes a small space into a cozy home. From custom-made cupboards to an EcoFlow 800-watt power unit and a 26-qt Albacore cooler, Evelyn’s van is complete with everything needed for a life on the go. It is an ideal way of compact living. The van’s modifications reflect Evelyn’s preferences for a sustainable lifestyle and combined functionality with eco-conscious living.

Evelyn’s kitchen is a work of art! It is built around a remodeled vanity that serves as her counter. It has a coffee maker, AeroPress, and a handmade sink. Her water system has fresh and grey water containers, which shows her preferences for efficiency and minimalism, even in the most basic necessities.

Evelyn transformed her van’s rear passenger area into a comfortable bedroom. It has a pull-out bed, extra mats, a USB fan, and LED lights, which showcase her creativity in a space that is not only functional but also very comfortable. Evelyn’s originality proves her ability to make use of limited space and transform it into a cozy living environment.



The windows are covered with homemade curtains, which keeps the van private and well-insulated. Evelyn added them for a personal touch while keeping her humble mobile abode comfortable. Her DIY solutions are proof of Evelyn’s resourcefulness and skills in creating a compact but comfortable living space. Evelyn’s van, which is full of her DIY creations, reflects her joy in personalizing her space. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle, Evelyn lives a simple life – full of purpose.

Every corner of Evelyn’s van reflects every decision she made to make her home with personal significance. From the single mug and bowl she uses to the space-saving furniture she prefers instills her personal philosophy. Her minimalist choices send messages of simplicity and contentment, finding freedom and not deprivation, and show that less leads to more in terms of quality of life.


Evelyn also loves the outdoors. She uses practical items like a dual-fuel camp stove and other portable furniture. These essentials enable her to enjoy the beauty of nature, appreciate other natural surroundings, and connect with the ambiance. The simplicity of her mobile home creation is proof of her adaptability and commitment to simplicity. Evelyn’s story is evidence that age is merely a number and not a hindrance to anyone who wants to appreciate the call of adventure and pursue their happiness to cruise the open road, even at an advanced age.


See Evelyn’s ingenuity in her unique mobile home in the video below:

Screenshot images and Video credits: © Butterfly Tracks/YouTube

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