A Young Woman Married a Tycoon from the Middle East Regardless of the Objections of Her Parents

Love knows no boundaries, and it should not be deprived of people bound by fate. Also, love knows no culture or race. A young woman from Chengdu Sichuan, a city in China, fell in love and married a man from Saudi Arabia despite her parents’ objections. Most people admit that love stories that cross national boundaries and cultures are always the most touching. However, it is not surprising that they were not wrong.

Their love story began on a university campus in the U.K. La La met Lao Fa, a Saudi student, while studying for a postgraduate degree at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England. A simple friendship bloomed into a relationship, and they fell in love. They found each other’s common ground despite coming from completely different cultures.


La La was born into a family of affluence who had certain assets, while Lao Fa is from a prominent Saudi law family. For La La and Lao Fa, money and status are not the criteria for measuring love and relationships. Their hearts connected as one because of similar values ​​​​and life concepts. Their love overcame material things and was expressed from deep in their hearts.

However, their love was put to the test after they graduated. When La La’s parents discovered about the relationship, it was difficult for them to accept that their daughter would marry into a family of a different culture. They were afraid that La La would encounter difficulties in a foreign country. Additionally, Lao Fa’s family also opposed his marrying a woman from a foreign country. For Lao Fa’s parents, cultural and religious differences would bring trouble to their son’s future. Despite opposition from their parents, the young couple’s love surpassed all difficulties.


TRUE LOVE is indestructible. With their relentless efforts and calm communication, La La and Lao Fa gradually convinced their parents. They have proven their strong bond through sincerity and perseverance. The couple received their parents’ blessing in March 2023 and finally married.

La La now lives in a grand villa in Saudi Arabia. She lives a life everyone is dreaming of. Every day, she cherishes her marriage with Lao Fa even more and is thankful for all the challenges they have faced and overcome together. Their love story that crosses borders and cultures is a perfect picture of 2 young hearts bound as 1 and also an epitome of understanding and tolerance between different backgrounds that know no boundaries that would separate culture or race.

With La La and Lao Fa, we see a strong couple with unbreakable spirits and optimistic attitudes toward the unknown future. Their success is not only a personal victory but also an inspiration to all couples of various cultures. In this modern world, more and more couples globally are of different backgrounds and races. La La and Lao Fa’s union shows mutual respect for different cultural backgrounds.

Best Wishes to La La and Lao Fa for a fruitful marriage, and the same goes for all couples experiencing the same interracial relationships. May your love be like an oasis in the desert, both precious and full of vitality. May you always find common ground for solutions to the challenges you face. May your union be a perfect example to promote world peace and understanding. No matter how difficult your journey is, may the guiding light of love always shine upon you and encourage couples from various borders to pursue true love can find their own happiness. ❤️

Screenshot images and Video credits: © 民間生活事 (Private Life Matters)/YouTube

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