Hilarious Video of a French Bulldog Barking at a Pond Full of Carp Amuses Its Owner After Falling Into the Water

A French Bulldog is one of the most lovable breeds. They are loyal and affectionate to their owners and do not choose food given to them by their human parents. Most dog lovers prefer this breed as their pet. Recently, a hilarious video of a French Bulldog was shared on Weibo. The dog was at the edge of a pond full of carp, barking at the fish while running back and forth. Suddenly, the dog slipped and fell into the water, surprising its owner, who squealed when the dog fell in.

The incident was caught on video by the dog’s owner. She took the initiative to capture it when her dog kept barking at the pond full of carp. It was unknown if the fish could hear its bark or were ignoring the dog. However, the unexpected happened when the dog suddenly lost its footing and slipped. The French Bulldog instantly fell into the pond and had no time to react. Panicking, the dog quickly swam towards the edge where its owner, who screamed when the dog fell, was standing. Fortunately, the dog knew how to swim and was pulled out of the water by its human mother. The dog was okay.


Watch on Weibo. Click HERE.


The dog’s surprised facial expression the moment it fell into the water was made into a screenshot by netizens. In a fit of laughter, many could not help but leave hilarious comments:

“Fish: ‘You’re welcome to experience the water.’”

“Bold words on the shore. Panic movements in the water. Silence on the shore.”

“You can only be arrogant for three seconds.”

“A dog loses its footing.”

Most netizens who viewed the video laughed and compared the incident to the real world. If it can happen to people, it can happen to dogs, too. After experiencing this painful lesson, next time, the dog will probably never dare to get so close to the pond again and lose its temper while making inexplicable comments towards other (species). 😆

Screenshot images and Video credits: © 野比大雄 (Nobita)/Weibo

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