Kindhearted Bus Driver Accommodates 2 Stray Dogs Inside the Bus During a Torrential Rainstorm

A bus driver who loved dogs broke company rules to accommodate 2 stray dogs inside his bus during a torrential rainstorm. Fortunately, there were not many passengers at the time. Although it was against company policy to let animals inside the bus, the driver took his chances and let the stray dogs inside, away from the pouring rain. The dogs were set free again after the rain had passed. The passengers onboard the bus praised the driver for his care of stray dogs.

According to an “I❤️Dogs” report, on a rainy January day in 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a bus driver was doing his route with only a few passengers onboard when he spotted 2 wet and shivering stray dogs on the roadside. He felt so distressed when he saw them that he did not hesitate to stop and carried them onto the bus, away from the pouring rain and gusty winds. The passengers were so touched by his kindhearted gesture towards the strays that they captured photos of the heartwarming moment and shared them on social media.

“They were two very scared little dogs. He never tried to put them off. He spoke to them like they were his own,” said passenger Stella Maris San Martín.

As expected, the bus company learned of the situation. However, after assessing the situation, the company decided he was not going to get reprimanded for the violation. Admins explained that although animals were not allowed inside the bus, the driver did the right thing at the right moment. They were supportive of his decision to help the dogs and praised him for his heartwarming deed.

Even though the identity of the driver was never disclosed, he received so much praise online for his love and patience. He has proved that anyone can be a hero, but not all heroes wear capes. All you have to do is follow your heart and do what is right. People who knew the driver claimed he still saved strays from the thunderstorms, even to this day.

The photos went viral on various pages of Facebook, and netizens commented:

“The driver is so heartwarming. I want to support more buses on this route in the future.”

“He is a good driver who loves small animals.”

“As a dog lover, I must give the driver a ‘Like’.”

“The driver is really caring. I hope the bus company will not punish him for violating rules and regulations.”

Images credits: © Stella Maris San Martin/Facebook and Funky Smile/YouTube

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