3 Shiba Inu Dogs Pulled with a Leash Refuse to Walk with Their Owner, Making Netizens Wonder if They Were Going to the Vet

The Shiba Inu breed of dog can easily be trained. However, they can be difficult and stubborn at times. Hence, they are called “Dogs that refuse to walk on walks.” They lose focus at times and their owners who train them find this a challenge. A video that has gone viral showed an owner taking 3 of his Shiba Inu dogs for a walk. Suddenly, the 3 dogs no longer wanted to walk even when the owner was pulling their leash.

A woman took her Shiba Inu dogs for a walk one night. She decided to take a video of them while they walked around the area. However, when the woman began recording, the 3 dogs refused to walk any further. No matter how hard she tried to make them walk, they refused to move forward. Their movements were so synchronized that she wondered if the dogs planned it.

Finally, she managed to drag them forward a bit, but the 3 Shiba Inu dogs resisted, and their bodies stuck together. While they reluctantly moved slowly, a fourth Shiba Inu dog emerged. It was the only one that did not refuse to walk.

Watch on Weibo. Click HERE.

Here are some of the comments written by netizens after viewing the video on Weibo:

“Brothers worked together to break their owner’s hand.”

“The owner is also a ruthless person who dared to walk three dogs at once.”

“How did the three of them agree on the same opinion?”

“I have never seen such unity!”

“Each one should defeat each other.”

“A family should be neat and tidy.”

“Are you playing with one, two, or three wooden figures?”

“Are you on your way to the animal hospital?”

Screenshot images credits: © 四季云霓 (The clouds are shining all year round)/Weibo

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