Elderly Woman with a Cane at the Subway Hurls an Orange Tabby Cat over Her Shoulder Before Entering the Train

It seemed like an ordinary day in a subway station when, suddenly, the passengers waiting for the train witnessed an extraordinary feat at the platform. An elderly woman leaning on a cane for support instantly hurls a chubby orange tabby cat across her shoulders, leaving the people astonished.

“Is this some sort of pet acrobatics?” Some people did not notice anything unusual at the subway until the elderly woman suddenly flung an object across her shoulder and then prepared to enter the train as though it was normal routine. The instance left the bystanders stunned and could not believe what they had just witnessed.

A netizen recalled that she encountered an elderly woman on the subway platform who was waiting for the train and leaning on a cane for support. However, the woman suddenly flung an orange thing across her shoulder when the train arrived. The object had a fluffy tail, which the netizen assumed was a stuffed toy.

When the curious netizen moved closer to the woman, she noticed the object was a real cat. It obediently stayed on Grandma’s shoulder while they prepared to enter the train. The flinging movement only took 2 seconds to get the cat sitting comfortably on the elderly woman’s shoulder. It seemed that the unusual gesture was already a daily routine for both of them.


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Netizens were quick to react to the 16-second video and left messages:

“What a thrilling duo!”

“Does anyone realize how difficult this move is?”

“The woman’s walk is wobbly, but the power of hurling the cat is as strong as a mountain.”

“At first glance, I thought it was only a fur coat. But it is actually a live cat.”

“The grandmother is a ruthless person.”

“The kung fu master is disguised among the people.”

“It is not unusual to put a cat on the shoulder. But it is the first time I’ve seen it like this.”

“The scarf feels very comfortable.”

Screenshot featured images and Video credits: © 林成狗 (Lin Cheng Gou)/Weibo

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