Homeless German Shepherd Finds Forever Family and Screams For Joy Seeing the Ocean for the Very First Time

Most animal lovers found it impossible to understand how people would take in a dog only to mistreat it. Unfortunately, that is the sad reality some dogs experience with their owners. A German Shepherd named Herschel lived 5 years of his life chained in his owner’s backyard and lived a lonely life without freedom. His teeth were almost worn out (probably) from chewing on the chain to break free. He was then abandoned and was sent to the shelter 2 times on different occasions.

TV host and animal rescue advocate Rocky Kanaka learned Herschel’s sad story and decided to help him find his forever home. Rocky featured Herschel, whom he nicknamed “Teddy Bear,” in his show “Dog’s Day Out” in 2018, wherein he showcased scenes of Herschel experiencing the snow for the first time. Soon, adoption applications started pouring in.


Herschel, experiencing the snow for the first time, was very happy and jumping around. After all those years of being deprived of life’s enjoyment, he can finally run free and experience his “firsts.” After Rocky’s video was shared online, it attracted dog lovers’ attention, and adoption applications started coming in. Soon, with the help of the shelter Found Animals Adopt & Shop, Hershel found the perfect family and was on his way to Washington state to meet his new owner.


Rocky loved Herschel so much that he decided to personally send him to his new owner in Washington from Los Angeles. During the trip, Hershel had his first burrito and “puppuccino.” They also made a pit stop when they passed by a beach, another first for Herschel – the ocean. It was pure joy for the German Shepherd. He was stunned for a while but felt so excited he could no longer contain his excitement to go to the water. The outside world is so fun and beautiful for Herschel.


When Herschel saw the ocean for the first time, he let out a scream of excitement that resembled the voice of Chewbacca. He was jumping and whining, a scene of pure joy!

When Rocky and Herschel finally went to the shore, he felt so moved when he saw Herschel treading water and chasing the waves. “He was biting the waves and jumping in and out like a dolphin,” Rocky said. “It brings happy tears to my eyes knowing that he’ll now be loved forever.”


At the end of the day, Rocky handed Herschel over to his new Mama, Kim, and the German Shepherd who lived 5 years chained in the backyard can finally live free and have a happy life in his forever home! ❤️

Here is a video shared by Rocky Kanaka, showcasing Hershel’s many “firsts”:

Screenshot images and Video credits: © Rocky Kanaka/YouTube

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