A Mother and Her Daughter are Surprised to See an Unusual Guest Taking Refuge in the Bathtub in a Hotel Room They Checked Into

A mother and her daughter were recently traveling from Ohio to California and decided to stay in a hotel in Texas along the way. Much to their surprise, an unusual guest has been taking refuge inside the bathtub of the room they checked into. They immediately called the animal protection center to deal with the guest. The mother-daughter duo and the rescuers joked that the unusual guest had moved in first before they reserved the room.

The Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Texas received a call from the hotel staff of The Big Texan Hotel, where a mother and her daughter were staying. When they settled into the room, the mother was surprised to find a Prairie Dog (ground squirrel) in the bathroom tub. When the shelter was notified about the incident, rescuer Christy Rowley instantly rushed to the scene.

Christy found the Prairie Dog huddled up in the corner of the tub, trying to hide itself. When it saw humans, it felt nervous and circled around the tub, trying to escape.

The Prairie Dog was successfully captured and took a photo with the mother and her daughter.

The rescuers put the cage on the tub and tried to lure the squirrel in. When it realized the cage door was opened, the animal ran inside. The Prairie Dog was sent to an institution for medical examination and care. It was unknown how the marmot ended in the bathtub or how it entered the hotel in the first place. It was speculated that it might have been a pet that had been abandoned by a former occupant of the room, or it might have been captured by a person and was accidentally left in the hotel.

According to rescuer Christy, their rescue shelter has received several reports of wild animals, and they were not surprised by any of the situation. After all, Texas is known for its abundant wildlife. However, this case was something new, and the incident quite shocked them. Fortunately, the capture went smoothly, and the Prairie Dog is now safe. Later, it was reported that the marmot was released back into the wild.


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Images credits: © Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center/Facebook

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