An Orangutan Enters a Restaurant and Searched Its Fridge for a Drink to Quench Its Thirst Due to the Scorching Hot Weather

The hot weather nowadays affects everyone globally, including the animals – pets and wildlife. Each individual finds various ways to cool down and rehydrate. The primates, such as an orangutan, are greatly affected by the scorching hot weather due to their long and thick fur.

A video went viral on Facebook when a netizen shared a hilarious video on his page. Arthur Chung uploaded a video of an unexpected situation that occurred in a restaurant. A thirsty orangutan entered and headed straight to the fridge to get himself a drink to quench his thirst.

The primate, known as Boogie,” is seen entering the Keruing Cafe food premises located at the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC) Sepilok, Sandakan, Malaysia.


The smart orangutan did not hesitate to rummage through the drinks in the fridge to choose the drink he preferred. After drinking a carton of sweet water, Boogie took another carton and sat on the cafe floor for a few seconds. Seeing that the first carton was empty, he left it on the floor and walked away with another.


“Due to the extremely hot weather today, an unexpected guest dropped by at the Keruing Cafe in RDC Sepilok, helped himself selectively with whatever found in the fridge, and left without paying!😆 the caption of the funny video recorded by RDC Sepilok staff, Welfred Yudot read.

According to Arthur, Boogie’s modest behavior was due to the hot weather that hit Malaysia and several other countries in the Asian region.


Arthur also revealed that this was not the first time Boogie entered the cafe to find himself a drink at the fridge to quench his thirst. 😆


Screenshot images credits: © Arthur Chung/Facebook

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