Fortunate German Shepherd Escaped Possible Death When He and His Owner Were Restricted to Board the Plane Due to the Size of the Dog’s Kennel

Most animal lovers believe that dogs have guardians who watch over them. Luck can be on their side, too. Recently, a German Shepherd and its owner, a female professor, were about to take a flight from the United States to Canada. However, they were told to take the flight the next day since the kennel of her dog was not the right size allowed on the plane. Surprisingly, the dog was fortunate to escape death on the flight.

A Chinese female professor in the U.S. shared an incident in May wherein she was taking her German Shepherd, Hugo, on a flight to Canada from the Houston airport via Air Canada. During the routine check-in, the staff informed the woman that her dog’s cage was 0.5 centimeters too big. Even when the wheels were removed, it still would not fit. The ground staff informed the woman to bring a smaller cage the next day.

The woman saw another dog next to her that was about to check in. The dog was the same size as Hugo. The ground staff said that the other dog’s cage was smaller and complied with the regulations. She watched as the dog was being put inside the plane’s compartment and decided to come back the next day.

When they got home, she immediately bought a smaller crate for her dog. She and Hugo returned to the airport the next day with the smaller kennel and proceeded to the check-in counter. However, she was greeted by sad news when she arrived. The ground staff informed her the dog that was allowed to board the plane the day before had died. The airline company decided they would no longer accept pets for check-in.

The young woman was stunned when she learned the news. Later, the airport staff came to comfort Hugo and said he was a very lucky dog. At that instant, Hugo became famous at the Houston airport. Everyone knew the German Shepherd’s name and was lucky to have escaped possible death.

Hugo was not able to board on the originally scheduled flight, but luckily escaped death.

The dog that boarded the plane died of either suffocation or intense heat. Although there was oxygen in the luggage compartment, the temperature could not be adjusted. According to the Air Canada official website, not all their aircraft are equipped with temperature control equipment and ventilated luggage compartments. Unfortunately, checked-in pets are placed in the same cargo hold as the luggage. When the temperature exceeds 29.5°C in the summer, it gets too hot inside the cargo hold. Unfortunately, the pets cannot be monitored. 😢

To celebrate his fortunate escape, the family celebrated by giving Hugo his favorite dish – STEAK!

Images credits: © Canadian Daisy/Xiaohongshu

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