Vanna White Pays Tribute as She Bids Farewell to “Wheel of Fortune” Host Pat Sajak Before His Retirement

67-year-old Vanna White, co-host of the game show, “Wheel of Fortune,” bade farewell to the show’s host, 77-year-old Pat Sajak, a day before his final appearance on the long-running game show. Vanna paid tribute to honored Pat’s work and their life-long friendship on a video clip which aired on Thursday, June 6.

In over 40 years, Vanna and Pat appeared together in more than 8,000 episodes of the game show and co-hosted “Wheel of Fortune.” Vanna’s tribute video segment also contained photos showcasing their collaboration from the early 1980s to the present.


“As this chapter of our lives is coming to an end, I know you’ll still be close by. You’re like a brother to me, and I consider you a true lifelong friend who I will always adore,” Vanna White said in her video tribute.

Vanna and Pat share a bond behind the cameras, which is more than the professional partnership they had at work. She recalled that Pat made her feel “so comfortable and so confident” since they started. These were the moments that were the most significant to her.

“As much fun as we had on camera, those memories, milestones, and life events we shared with our families outside the studio are my favorite,” Vanna said, close to tears.

Pat and Vanna never dated, contrary to rumors and people’s assumptions. Vanna and Pat remained (only) true friends despite the apparent chemistry they have onscreen. Vanna and Pat hugged when the video clip ended.

Since 1982, Pat Sajak and Vanna White were the most iconic duo when they began working together on “Wheel of Fortune.” Incidentally, it was the year the game show first aired.

In June 2023, Pat Sajak announced his retirement from the show. Wheel of Fortune’s 41st season was going to be his final season. However, Vanna White extended her contract for the upcoming 2025-2026 season. She will be assisting the new host, Ryan Seacrest, who will be Pat’s replacement in his first 2 seasons at the helm.

Ryan admitted he was “truly humbled” to be Pat Sajak’s successor. “I can say, along with the rest of America, that it’s been a privilege and pure joy to watch Pat and Vanna on our television screens for an unprecedented 40 years, making us smile every night and feel right at home with them,” Ryan Seacrest said.

Pat Sajak will appear on his final episode on Friday, June 7, in the U.S.A. “Wheel of Fortune” has been the highest-rated show for 26 years, averaging over 30 million viewers a week. The game show was dethroned in 2010.

Screenshot images credits: © Wheel of Fortune/YouTube

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