A Famous Waterfall Known to be a Tourist Attraction in China is Supplied by a Pipe to Enhance Its Cascading Waters

The Yuntai Waterfalls in the north-central province of Henan, China, which is 314 meters high, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the area. However, it has currently gained more attention from visitors when it was revealed that its cascading water is supplied by a water pipe.

The officials confessed that “small enhancements” were added to the attraction during the dry season for visiting tourists and locals to have a memorable viewing experience. They did not deny the improvement after a video clip revealed by a park visitor showed water coming out of a pipe on top of the Yuntai Waterfall.


In a statement released by the officials, they admit the move was meant to “improve visitors’ viewing experience” and make their “trip more memorable,” especially for those “who have traveled a long way.”

“Yuntai Waterfalls will not disappoint everyone,” the officials wrote in a statement. “We encourage tourists to visit the waterfall in the wetter summer season to witness its magnificence most perfectly and naturally.”

“I didn’t expect to meet everyone this way,” The park added, in a manifestation of the falls.

According to the park’s official website, the Yuntai Mountain Waterfalls gets over 7,000,000 visitors annually.

Incidentally, in 2015, operators were forced to shut down a newly installed glass walkway near the Yuntai Falls. The iconic walkway made headlines when visitors noticed that it started cracking during a week-long National Day holiday.

Images credits: © Sumalee Singhey @SumaleeSinghey/Twitter and Gary Todd/Wikimedia Commons

Twitter posts credits: © Sumalee Singhey @SumaleeSinghey, Shanghai Daily @shanghaidaily, and People’s Daily, China @PDChina

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