A Rabbit Chases a Tamed Vulture Inside an Enclosure of a Rescue Center in Taiwan

Inside an enclosure at the Tangshan Wildlife Rescue Center is a vulture that lived in captivity for years. It has no predatory instincts and was raised to be feeble. The park staff has arranged for it to have a rabbit as its playmate. One day, the playful rabbit bullied the timid vulture, and it created a hilarious scene. The predator is (actually) frightened of the small herbivore.

In a video shared by a netizen on Weibo, it can be seen that the rabbit is attacking the vulture by jumping on the timid predator. The vulture was so frightened that it flapped its wings away from the rabbit and then fled. It kept its distance from the attacker and did not dare to come close. Originally, the rabbit was sent to the enclosure to be the vulture’s fitness coach. Instead, it became its fighting partner. 😆

Even if the vulture in captivity could not beat the rabbit, the same creature in the wild could easily devour the herbivore. According to the park’s staff, the vulture is a national first-level protected animal. Of the 22 vulture species, 14 are globally threatened with extinction. The breeder added that the park’s vulture has been in captivity for 8 years – since it was born. Although their species belong to the wild, they cannot be released since they are on the verge of extinction.

Since it was kept in captivity since it was born, the vulture was raised with a timid personality. When the rabbit learned of its shyness, the aggressive creature sometimes bullied the predator. In the end, the rabbit was moved by the staff to another cage with birds.

Watch on Weibo. Click HERE.

The park officials joked amongst themselves that the sanctuary’s name has become the “Wild Waste Rescue Center” since most of their rescues from the wild have lost their predatory instincts. 😆 Here are some comments from netizens who viewed the hilarious video:

“This rabbit is awesome!”

“Those two tourists witnessed the whole process. It’s worth the vote of who would win.”

“The legendary rabbit kicks the vulture!”

“A rabbit is very powerful! It is bullying my dog ​​every day.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen a vulture so cowardly.”

“The rabbit even picked up a bunch of feathers from the vulture and held it in its mouth.”

The Taiwan Raptor Research Association reported that the vulture is the largest raptor alive in Taiwan, with an adult male weighing about 6-12 kilograms. The vulture is a rare winter migratory bird in Taiwan. You would be very lucky to see its huge figure in the wild. Their wings are long and wide while in flight. They have long toes with blunt talons, while their tail feathers and head ratio are relatively small. Contrary to what people see onscreen, vultures prefer to stay on the ground while resting rather than staying on high branches. There are no similar raptors in Taiwan, so identification is relatively difficult. Vultures have low reproductive capacity, and their numbers have declined rapidly. Since 2020, vultures have been listed as near-extinction species and are a first-level protected animal in mainland China.

Images and Video credits: © 元宇宙萌主 (Metaverse moe master)/Weibo

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