Hilarious Photos of a Mother Cat Yelling at Her Kitten Goes Viral on Social Media and Amuses Netizens

It is safe to say raising children is a difficult task for parents. Even the most patient parent can’t help but take disciplinary actions against their children, especially when they become unruly.

Incidentally, a set of unusually hilarious photos went viral on the internet. A tabby cat mother was with her kitten. The cat looked around to see if someone was nearby, then suddenly turned to her kitten and scolded it. The kitten was taken aback with its eyes wide open, staring at its mother. The hilarious, surprised expression of the kitten was caught in photographs, attracting thousands of netizens to react. The post has since been shared on other pages and social media sites.



ละมุดทาสแมว” (Lamud Cat Slave), a Thai funny animal photos fan page, shared a series of pictures in 2022. A pair of tabby cats, mother and kitten, were hiding behind a picnic basket, seemingly conversing about a secret. Initially, the kitten did not react. However, when the mother cat turned to it and began to yell, the kitten was stunned and taken aback. It was so frightened that its eyes were wide open. The mother then turned and walked away as though nothing happened, leaving the astonished kitten behind.

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The series of hilarious photos attracted more than 17,000 ‘Likes’ on several sites in less than a day. The post was also shared to a well-known animal Facebook group, “Animal Memes Planet” with captions that read, “Obviously, my soul has been shouted out by Mama👻. All that’s left is a cat’s body. Shown by the tendency of hair and ears, you can see in which direction the soul is drifting.” The hilarious photos of the mother cat scolding her kitten sparked heated discussion among Taiwanese netizens. Some of them commented:

“I was like this when I was scolded for more than ten minutes as a child.”

“It’s okay. I still have 8 lives to yell at. Wait, which number is this? 😆

“Scared the baby to death!”

“Your kitten is offline! 😆

Featured image and Facebook post credits: © ละมุดทาสแมว (Lamud Cat Slave)/Facebook

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