A Cat was Raised Together with 3 Dogs and Has Inherited Their Behavior that He Became a Part of Their Pack

People say that what children see from their parents, they usually imitate. While growing up under their parent’s supervision, they learn manners, gestures, and speaking styles from them. Additionally, children who often watch commercials and hilarious cartoon antics on television can easily mimic their actions.

However, not only children can imitate their elders or peers, but also animals can easily be influenced by their environment. Believe it or not! Animals who are raised in an environment of various species can inherit their movements. According to unnamed pet owners, they brought home a cat when it was only a few months old, was very weak, and helpless. They nursed it back to health and raised it as one of their own.

By the time they brought home the helpless cat, the male owner admitted that he was a Shiba Inu dog-lover and was raising 3 of them. However, he did not hesitate to add a cat to their pack. They named the kitten Kiki. The 3 Shiba Inus are Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki, and the 4-member pack lives with their human parents in Chiba, Eastern Japan.

Surprisingly, the cat bonded with his new canine friends, and they did not hesitate to welcome her into their group. Since then, the 4 of them grew up together, and the cat followed everything his canine friends ‘taught’ him.

Unexpectedly, when Kiki turned a year old, his behavior was similar to his canine buddies. The owner took snapshots of the 4 friends having their meals and shared them on social media. You will notice that Kiki does the same gestures as the 3 Shiba Inu dogs. He also listened to the instructions their owner said before they were allowed to take their meals.

Watching Kiki’s similar actions with his 3 dogs amused the owner. He did not realize how his cat could grow up doing the same gestures as his dogs. He said, “It looks like I have 4 Shiba Inus.”

Growing up together was good for the 4 friends. There was no feeling of inconvenience among all of them. However, the owners noticed that only Kiki was influenced by his doggie friends. It worked both ways, too. The male owner feels that there is no distinction among all of them and gives them equal treatment.

The male owner also noticed that his Shiba Inu dogs have acquired Kiki’s nature and are more mellow, quieter, and loving. They seem to be less aggressive than other dogs. Kiki seems to be braver than any other cat since he was raised alongside his 3 canine teachers who taught him to survive outdoor activities.

The couple is happy and grateful that their pets live in peace and harmony. They have bonded through the years and have become more than friends. They were more like siblings. They are there for each other. Although one of them belonged to a different species, it was never a hindrance for their friendship to flourish.

You may follow the pack in their daily adventures on their Instagram page. Click HERE.

Images and Instagram credits: © 🐶Saki🐻Ibuki🦊Hazuki🐱Kiki @saki.ibuki.hazuki

Twitter post credits: © Debbie boink-a-bonk @Reiman933

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