A Retired Police Dog with a Terminal Illness Returns to the Station for 1 Last Goodbye from Former Colleagues Before Being Peacefully Put Down

“Thank you for your service.” Retired police dog Shadow has served in the Police Force of Shreveport, Louisiana, for 8 years. Now, he is enjoying his retirement with a new handler. However, sad news arrived days after his retirement at home began. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness when his health began to deteriorate and feel pain. The staff of the Shreveport Police no longer wanted Shadow to suffer more and decided to put him down in a peaceful way. During his last farewell at the station, it was one of the most emotional scenes.

Several online media reported that Shadow, a German Shepherd police dog from the Shreveport Police Force ended his 8-year career when his contract expired. During his employment, he trained with several police officers from various departments and cultivated good relationships with them. Shortly after he retired, Shadow unfortunately was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The police force decided to meet with him one final time and decided to end his pain peacefully.




To commemorate Shadow’s time he spent with them, police officers threw a small farewell party for him and invited Shadow to the police station one last time. When he arrived, his former colleagues were standing in line, and he recognized most of them. One by one, he came to them, and they patted the retired dog. In a video shared on Facebook, Shadow seemed to know that his time was running short, and he snuggled up to each one of them as though to say goodbye. They gestured gratitude for his 8-year service by patting and caressing him. Some of the police officers were holding back tears.




After the video was shared online, netizens were moved by the clip.

“It’s so sad! 😢

“What a pity. He was just getting ready to enjoy retirement life.”

“His colleagues must be very sad to see him leave.”

“Thank you, Shadow, for your contribution to mankind.”

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Facebook sources and credits: © First Responder Benefit Association and Shreveport K-9 Citizens Support Group

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