3 Dogs Bring Home a Stray Cat and Beg Their Owners to Keep Him

Dogs love to wander outside their homes. Just like humans, they meet other canines while on their walks and socialize with them. However, 3 dogs who went for a walk came home with a stray cat. Standing at the doorway, they showed the cat to their owners and begged them to take him in. A video of the dogs with begging looks was shared on social media, and netizens were amused. It was the cat’s kindness that won the hearts of these dogs.

The dogs’ owner shared a video on TikTok when the 3 German Shepherds came home one day, presenting a stray cat they had picked up along the way. The cat came inside the house, and one of the dogs offered it food from a rice bowl. The dog gave a begging look at its owner as though it wanted to say, “Can we keep him?” The other 2 German Shepherds waited at the door for a response from their owners. They were hoping the cat would be accepted.



The dogs really said “can we keep him?” 🤣🤣🤣 #RoadTo15M @Pubity Pets #Pubity (@jin_beixiong via Collab)

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Although the cat was brought in as a guest of the 3 dogs, he did not look like a stray but more of a “runaway” cat that left his original owners. When he entered the house, he looked at the dogs’ owners sadly. The owners were reluctant to take the cat in. However, when they saw the begging look on their dogs’ faces, they could not resist. As of late, it was unknown if the cat was taken in or was brought to a shelter.



Netizens who viewed the video were quick to comment:

“If I didn’t tell you, I would have thought that the cat was the leader, and the three dogs were its little brothers.”

“Cat: ‘Look at this situation. Do you want to tell me something?’”

“The cat has already sat down, making himself at home, and the dog is still standing.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t the cat that ordered the dog to take him back?”

“The two at the back have no opinion at first glance. The one in the front is the big brother.”

“Is the cat opening his mouth to introduce himself?”

“The cat looks proud.”


Images and Video credits: © Pubity @pubity/TikTok

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