Animal Shelter Worker Fulfills the Wish by Letting Him Experience Snow for the Last Time

The lifespan of a dog is shorter than a human’s. As owners and dog lovers, we would do our best to make them feel comfortable on their last days on earth and let them experience a good send-off memory. A 12-year-old senior dog named Spunky from Texas, U.S.A., has difficulty moving around and was diagnosed with cancer.

“He just inhales his food all the time. And I felt him, and he seemed bloated — so I decided to take him in. But I thought it would be nothing,” Spunky’s owner, Ashley Niels, said. “The veterinarian diagnosed Spunky with cancer. And they told me there was nothing they could do. Not even surgery or chemotherapy.”

Although Ashley is reluctant to let go of her beloved dog, she still wishes to grant a special experience in his final moments. Ashley believed that Spunky loves snow and enjoys playing in it. The two of them formerly lived in Wisconsin, but they moved together to Texas when Ashley began working at the Austin Animal Center. However, it rarely snows in Texas. Worse, it was summer, and it was unlikely that it would snow anytime.

When Ashley learned of Spunky’s diagnosis, she made him a promise that he would see snow for the last time. However, it seems that her promise may not be fulfilled, which really makes her very sad! “On the day of his diagnosis, I remember I promised him he would see snow again, and it kind of crushed me that I would have to break that,” Ashley said sadly.

When Ashley’s friends learned of Spunky’s diagnosis, they pooled money to rent a snowmaking machine to fulfill Ashley’s last wish for Spunky. Her wish came true! Spunky’s happy expression playing in the snow was priceless! Ashley hugged Spunky tightly during the snow play. Netizens who have viewed the emotional video were touched and teary-eyed.

“It was really touching. They wanted to make sure I didn’t break that promise,” Ashley said.

Before returning the snowmaking machine, Ashley brought it to the Austin Animal Center for other dogs to have the same wonderful experience that Spunky had while playing in the snow.


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Ashley revealed the memory of Spunky’s happiness that day will remain with her forever, even after Spunky is long gone. “Really love your kids because they love you more than anything,” she said.


Images credits: © CBS Austin

Video credits: © Inside Edition/YouTube

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