A Dog Immediately Falls Asleep on Rescuer’s Lap After Being Saved

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A Former Electrician Becomes a Hero by Adopting 1,700 Suffering Dogs Nobody Wanted and Opening a Shelter for All of Them

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$145M Lottery Winner has Given Half of Her Winnings to Charities, Family, and Friends in Need

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Kelly Clarkson Admits She Will Resort to Spanking Her Children Once They Become Unruly

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A Military Dog Diagnosed with Incurable Sickness Flies Back for the Last Time to Her Hometown and Gets Applauded for Her Service by Everyone Onboard the Flight

There are hundreds of dogs serving in the military, most of which are from the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd breeds. They are flown to the U.S.A. from various countries as puppies... Read more »

A Siberian Husky with Unusual-Looking Eyes was Left Alone in a Shelter by Her Owner and Has Gone Viral on the Internet Since

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Loyal Dog Found Alive Beside His Owner’s Body, a Hiker Who Has Gone Missing for 3 Months

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The “Elf”, a Man Assumed was Tidying Up His Shed Table in the Middle of the Night, Turned Out to be a Mouse

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11yo Boy who Loves Dogs Spent His Birthday in a Shelter and Could Not Help Bursting to Tears of Joy

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A Stray Dog Refused to Dismount from a Car Roof and Ignored the People Who Attempted to Help Her

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