A Pit Bull Tied to a Porch in Freezing Night is Saved by a Police Officer on Patrol

Detroit, Michigan, is one of the coldest cities in the United States, and the temperature drops even more come nighttime. However, the freezing cold weather can never stop a heartwarming incident that took place when a Detroit Police Department officer spotted a Pit Bull that got stuck on the porch of an abandoned house.

Officer Eric McCombs did not have the heart to leave the poor dog in such a predicament and did not hesitate to jump into action to save the poor Pit Bull. It was very heartbreaking to imagine how someone could abandon such a loyal creature and make it suffer the brutal weather. Fortunately, a hero with a compassionate nature spotted the dog just in time.

In the middle of the night, Officer McCombs was on patrol when he spotted a Pit Bull chained on the porch of an abandoned house. It was extremely cold that night, and the police officer did not hesitate to help the poor dog. He was a dog-lover, and he immediately leaped into action to save the female Pit Bull.

On that particular night in Detroit, the temperature dropped massively to -20°. The harsh weather in the environment was too brutal for a dog to bear and should not be exposed continuously when outdoors.

“When I went up to her, I was like, ‘This can’t be.’ I didn’t even think, I was just like, ‘I need to rescue this dog’,” Officer McCombs said in an interview with The Dodo.

As the police officer approached, he noticed that she was not only freezing but also very hungry. The dog was given treats, which she heartily consumed, and she needed more nourishment and a blanket to keep her warm. Apparently, she had not had a decent meal in a long while.

When the Pit Bull was free of the chains, she was quite frightened but happy to be finally free. Without hesitating, she jumped into the patrol car.

“She had frostbite on the tips of her ears. My partner and I got her in the car, and then we were just like, ‘What do we do from here?’ We ended up having to take her to an animal shelter,” Officer McCombs said.

They eventually brought her to Detroit Animal Care and Control. However, the officer who saved the Pit Bull could not get her off his mind.

While staying at the shelter, Officer McCombs thought the dog deserved better than just being confined to a kennel. He knew she deserved to have a home and a good life. It did not take long for him to consider adopting the sweet pup. He has fallen in love with her and named her Sweet Pea after officially adopting her.

He contacted the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and asked for their assistance, and the shelter shared the happy news on their Facebook page:

At home, Officer McCombs already had one dog, Homer, but he still considered adding Sweet Pea to the family. “It was a special moment. Double the food, double the vet, double whatever. I had to,” Officer McCombs said.

Initially, Sweet Pea was disoriented when she finally arrived in her forever home. She did not know how to settle down and be an indoor dog. She did not jump on the bed or climb on the couch. She also did not eat peanut butter. The police officer gave her time to adjust to her new home, and that’s exactly what she did.

It did not take long for Sweet Pea to settle down and welcome the happiness of her new life. She accepted the love and care that surrounded her and lived the dream life she deserved. Her past life of living out in the cold and strolling the streets of Detroit and its freezing weather was fading into a distant memory.

Sweet Pea was not the only dog Officer McCombs saved from a challenging situation. He had also rescued stray dogs everywhere he went, serving as a symbol of hope for the stray animals in Detroit.

“Why not rescue Pit Bulls and serve as a police officer simultaneously?” Eric questioned. I totally agree.

“We are so proud to have Officer McCombs as a part of our team and thankful that he is an officer that goes above and beyond to help the voiceless animals that need a hero,” Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue said.

Thank you, Officer Eric McCombs, for providing hope for many stray animals. Your compassion and dedication make a difference in their lives. #AdoptNotShop

Images credits: © Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and Eric McCombs

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