A Tiny Dog Covered in Matted Fur was Unrecognizable After a Groomer Removed Almost 2 Pounds of His Hair

One sunny day, a pup was wandering the streets near his home in Southern California. As the day progressed, the heat of the sun intensified, which scorched the sidewalk under his paws. Any other dog would feel uncomfortable with this much heat. However, for a dog with heavily covered fur, even a warm day would be unbearable.

Fortunately, a concerned citizen spotted him and immediately called Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, for help. Arriving at the scene, the pup was safe with Suzette. However, when she first looked at Max, she assumed he was a stray since he was heavily covered with layers of matted fur and had no place to go. As soon as she carried the pup, Suzette discovered he had a home. She returned the wandering pup to his family, and there she learned why he was heavily matted.

“His family was so worried about him,” Suzette Hall said in an interview with The Dodo“They truly loved him and wanted to get him groomed, but everyone turned him away because of his behavior. And economically, they couldn’t afford to groom him with anesthesia.”

Max’s family could only sympathize with his plight, and they wanted so much to help him not feel uncomfortable. However, they did not have enough budget for the type of grooming Max needed. Then, Logan’s Legacy stepped in.

“He was so incredibly matted,” Suzette said. “So, we covered his grooming with anesthesia.”

While Max was sedated and asleep, the veterinary team immediately went to work and carefully shaved all the matted fur covering almost all the areas of Max’s body. By the end of the process, the dedicated team had removed approximately 2 pounds of matted fur from him.

When he woke up, Max felt so much relief with his matted fur shaved off. Additionally, he was happy to be reunited with his family after his grooming session.

“I can’t even tell you how excited he was,” Suzette said. “He was jumping up and down when I took him back home to his family. His family was all crying. It was absolutely beautiful!”

His family is in awe of his new look as much as Max was excited. A wave of emotions brought tears to his family’s eyes.

“We’re going to be following up once a month and helping to make sure that he never gets like that again,” Suzette said. “Now, he has a whole new world to explore and a new rescue behind him. It feels so good to help somebody in need.”

Thanks to Logan’s Legacy for stepping in. Now that Max is free of his matted fur, they plan to stay in his life and offer support when needed. The rescue added to the community of Max’s loved ones. ❤️

Images credits: © Suzette Hall for Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue

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