A Child Taken In by a Wealthy Man in Dubai When She Was 5yo Grows Up to Be a Beautiful Young Woman and a Social Media Celebrity

When people talk about Dubai, wealthy people are the first thing that comes to our minds. It is a city where most people want to visit, and for some, want to live. They have the world’s top hotels and the most luxurious sports cars. Locals feel the unique charm of their city and they live in luxury. Hence, Dubai is a metropolis of world trade.

Most women admit that they dream of finding a boyfriend in Dubai. The men are exotically handsome, and they ensure the protection of their women. However, men whose businesses are successful prefer to adopt little children and care for them as their own. Such was a 5-year-old girl who was taken in by a wealthy magnate from Dubai, and she was cared for and loved by him as his own daughter.



She is of Korean and Filipino ancestry, and her name is Breanna Youn. At 5 years old, her beauty captivated the wealthy Dubai local, and regarded her as his own daughter. Breanna has a handsome older brother. Her family is engaged in business, which is the main source of their income.

At a very young age, Breanna was a smart girl. She has versatility in addition to her natural beauty, and she can speak multiple languages. Due to her lovely appearance and unique personality evident in photographs, Breanna garnered quite a fanbase when her mother shared her pictures on Instagram. In a short period, the little girl became famous on social media, wherein her accounts were managed by her mother.




At the time, the little girl caught the eye of a Dubai magnate who saw her on the internet. He sees the beauty of the world through her smile. He flew directly from Dubai to Korea to see her in person. The wealthy businessman told her parents that he wanted to adopt Breanna as his goddaughter. Worried that her parents would refuse, the wealthy businessman persuaded her family to live in his villa and use his car to go to places they wanted to visit. Many malicious-minded netizens assumed that the man was buying the family’s affection and approval. However, the Youn family agreed, shunning all bashes.



The wealthy magnate and the little girl immediately bonded when they met, and their relationship got better as time passed. The businessman treated her like his own daughter. Local media reported that she was living the best time of her life in luxury. She lives in a mansion, rides in a luxury car, flies with the businessman in his private jet, and often attends various high-end banquets with him. Living a luxurious life like a princess, one can say she has reached the peak.


As time passed, the wealthy businessman grew fond of the little girl and wanted her to be close by at all times. Hence, he convinced her parents to live in Dubai with him. They agreed and decided to change their nationality. The Youn family was moved by the businessman’s kind persuasion.


Breanna Youn is now a Dubai native and has earned a Dubai ID card. The rich magnate shared photos of himself with Breanna on the internet, which became the envy of most people.

As of today, Breanna is turning 15 years old and has shared several photos and videos of herself and her family on social media, which are all managed by her mother.

Images credits: © SOHU and 76GoTravel

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