German Photographer Unintentionally Captures a Hunting Kestrel in Action with a Prey Caught in Its Claws

It was an ordinary day for 20-year-old German photographer Gamander López while carrying his camera and trying to find a beautiful scene of nature to capture in photographs. Trying to find the beasts in the wild in action, he caught sight of a beautiful Kestrel bird seemingly to hunt for prey. Positioning his camera and capturing the majestic bird on video while it swoops down and expertly catches its prey, the young man did not expect to see its prey’s facial expression on camera while the wild bird flew on its way home.

Netizens who noticed the mouse, the Kestrel’s prey, took pity on the critter, and emotions soared high on the young photographer’s close-up photo of the wild rodent. Most netizens exclaimed, “R.I.P.!”

Gamander observed the wild bird for some time before finally capturing it in action on video. He was able to take the video clip of the bird swooping down and expertly catching its prey in a single move, then flying up again homeward bound. Later, when he was sorting out his photos, he did not expect to have captured the bird in flight with its prey caught in its claws. Zooming in, he noticed that it was a mouse with a sad face facing the camera, and it had an expression as though it knew of its imminent death.

After Gamander shared the video and a close-up photo of the bird with its prey on social media, netizens were quick to react and left messages saying:

“Why didn’t the photographer help the mouse?”

“This photography technique is really great, but the picture broke my heart! 😢

“The mouse knows, ‘I’m going to die!’”

“R.I.P., mouse. 😢

“This is nature’s law of survival for wild beasts.”

Young photographer Gamander López loves taking photos of animals in the wild and sometimes spends hours capturing the perfect moment between nature and its beasts. If you want to see more of his amazing photos, check out his works on Instagram: @gamanderlopez!

View on Instagram. Click HERE.
View on Instagram. Click HERE.

The little fox seemingly calling to its family is captivating!

View on Instagram. Click HERE.

Here is the video clip Gamander has captured of a kestrel hunting a mouse in the wild: (R.I.P., mouse! 😢)


The poor little mouse 🤭 Edited using my Lightroom Presets ❤️ (Check out my profile to download) #wildlifephotography #photographer #wildanimal

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Instagram posts credits: © Gamander López @gamanderlopez

Screenshot images and Video credits: © Gamander López @gamanderlopez/TikTok

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