Meet Brody… The Therapy Police Dog Who Slept During the Entire Certification Ceremony

This footage went viral after it went live streaming on social media. A 3-month-old chocolate brown Labrador Retriever joined the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island, USA, as a therapy police dog. According to various news websites, Brody, the Labrador puppy, became an instant internet celebrity.

Brody, whose name was a combination of Bristol (B) and Rhode Island (Rhody), became famous because he actually fell asleep during the entire certification ceremony! It was an important occasion for the force, and the ceremony was attended by the staff, the precinct director, and K9 Brody’s police partner, Officer Keith Medeiros.

During the ceremony, Brody slept soundly on the table. Halfway through the video, Brody shifted to a more comfortable sleeping position, arousing snickers from the staff in the room and viewers online. The police officers continued on the swearing-in ceremony, however embarrassing the situation was.

Given Brody’s recent training day, while the other puppies were working hard, Brody stayed in the police car and slept comfortably.

Officer Keith Medeiros, K9 Brody’s police partner, told various news websites of the inspiration behind the initiative. “I was inspired by our department’s Chief of Police, Kevin Lynch, who wanted to implement a K9 unit into our department. I began to research patrol K9s, such as bomb and narcotic detection, and came across some information on Facebook in the New England Police Comfort Dogs group. I was immediately drawn to this type of therapy and comfort dog program.”

He added: “I then made contact with Peggi and David Brogan, who own Boonefield Labradors in Rindge, New Hampshire, and who generously donate Labradors to police departments that want to start this type of program. After many weeks of research and making contacts from across New England, I put a proposal together and presented it to Chief Lynch, who has supported me and this program from the start.”

After his swearing-in ceremony, Brody started training after a month. Monthly trips back to Brody’s birthplace, Boonefield Labradors in New Hampshire, were also done. After a year, if all training goes well and Brody passes all exams, he will be a certified comfort and therapy dog.

At a young age, Brody must be exposed to as many people as possible. Officer Medeiros sees great opportunities for the pup and will be trained to serve young people in schools as a K9 therapy dog. The department also plans to bring Brody to senior centers, veteran’s homes, the local university, and community events.

The swearing-in ceremony with Brody was absolutely loved by netizens. The video that was posted on the Facebook page of the Bristol Rhode Island Police Department after live-streaming instantly went viral with over 250,000 views.

Netizens reacted:

“What a gorgeous boy! He certainly brightened my day!”

“I adopted a 6-week-old puppy, and he fell asleep during his first medical exam at the vet.”

“He worked hard to get there, so he celebrated with a nap. Loved it!”

“He absolutely nailed his job of being cute!”

“Officer Brody will do great. I loved it when he changed positions and stretched out.”

“Exactly what I needed after a stressful day. This dog did his job, in my case.”

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Images credits: © BRODY @bpdk9brody/Instagram

Video credits: © Bristol, Rhode Island Police Department

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