A Group of Hungry Raccoons Invade an Apartment Through the Window, Seemingly Looking for Food

In most countries, raccoons are wild animals and move in packs while begging for food from passersby. A netizen shared a video of a group of hungry raccoons climbing up a building wall and entering an apartment window, seemingly looking for food inside. Netizens were reminded of a zombie movie, which seemed to be frightening to them.

A local citizen in Toronto, Canada, shared a hilarious video on TikTok. The clip showed an apartment building with one of the upstairs units being raided by a group of hungry raccoons. Around 5 or 6 raccoons were seen hanging onto the windowsill, trying to squeeze in their bodies through the open window. One of them was unable to reach the windowsill since there were too many of them hanging onto the window frame. I hope none of them falls since it’s a long way to the bottom.


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The netizen who captured the video laughed and said that the scene may seem unusual to other places. However, it is a common occurrence in Toronto.

“I want to see how scary the view from inside the house is.”

“Zombie raccoon invasion?”

“This begging is too wolfish.”

“Is there a corpse in the house that’s why they’re attracted to it?”

“How much does the house owner owe them? 😆

“Raccoon FBI attack scene!”

“Someone is about to fall! It’s dangerous!”

“Suddenly, cats and dogs feel much cuter.”

In some countries, Raccoons are nicknamed trash pandas or trash bandits due to their habit of rummaging through trash bins. They have black-and-white patterns and are quite common in Toronto, Canada. Locals regard them as the country’s mascots. However, due to their large numbers in the wild and their untamed nature, there were cases of people being injured by raccoons in 2023. The number of cases reached 88, its percentage increasing to 117% than in the past 4 years.

On February 1, 2024, a raccoon unintentionally hit a power station facility located in the city’s center, causing a large-scale power outage. The blackout affected a total of 7,000 households in Toronto.

Images credits: © Kat Boeing @katboeing/TikTok and UDN Pets

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