A Grandmother Initially Disliked Stray Cats at Home but Had a Change of Heart After Feeling Their Devotion to Owners

Once, a young man brought a stray cat home. When his grandmother realized what he had done, she sent it back outside and let it go. She is opposed to having cats in her home. However, the grandson really wanted to raise the cat. Reluctantly, she agreed. After a few weeks, the grandmother noticed how devoted the cat was to both the grandson and her. Soon, she was doting on the cat and fed it until it gained weight. Although the cat became fat, she would carry it with her while she picked tea leaves in the mountains and would insist on carrying it all day and not let go.

Recently, a video of the grandmother carrying the cat circulated on Weibo. While she gathered tea leaves to bring back home, she carried the cat and did not seem to be bothered by its heaviness. The white cat would shift positions but remained obedient while the grandmother picked out some tea leaves. After discovering the kindness the cat brought to her and her grandson, she now regarded him as her second grandson. When grandma is left alone at home and the grandson is off to work, she would not allow the cat to be home alone and lonely. She would carry him while she went to the mountains to pick tea leaves. This has become her daily routine.


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The video on Weibo has garnered more than 10,000 views. Netizens are touched by the grandmother’s devotion to the cat. It seems that the cat’s kindness has been reciprocated. Netizens commented:

“Grandma has great arm strength.”

“That is one big fat grandson cat.”

“Many elderly people are like this. They hate furry babies at first, but in the end, they really dote on them.”

“My colleague’s mother has a slight mysophobia and doesn’t keep any animals at home. Later, my colleague brought a dog home (it was given to him after someone else stopped keeping it). When his mother heard about it, she said she didn’t agree with it and was disgusted. After a few days, she completely changed and started cooking for the dog. My colleague was surprised by his mother’s change of heart.”

Images and Video credits: © 萌宠物爱宝宝 (Cute pets love babies)/Weibo

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