Excited Shelter Dog Shakes Hands with the Staff Before Leaving with Its New Owner

Lately, society has been encouraging people to adopt pets from the shelter. These poor beings have mostly been abandoned by their owners in places where they can never find their way back home, and rescuers have brought them to a safe haven. These pets just want to love and be loved in return by a family who can provide them with a good home. Cruel owners heartlessly leave them in the most remote places, and they are left to fend for themselves. However, rescuers never stop roaming the streets to find abandoned animals and bring them back to the shelter. Additionally, they immediately rush to the scene when concerned citizens report about animals they have found in areas not safe for these beings.

In August 2021, a Weibo user shared a video who was successfully adopted by a young woman and was about to leave the shelter. The happiness on his face was evident. In the video, the newly adopted dog had its paws on the counter and was feeling very excited. While its new owner filled out documents, the happy dog gave a “high-five” to the shelter staff as though it was saying its final goodbye. The lady behind the counter happily bade the dog farewell and congratulated it for finding a forever home.

Shelter dog is thrilled to be adopted,” read the caption on the video shared. The cute doggo was wagging its tail with happiness.

Watch on Weibo. Click HERE.

After viewing the video, netizens were given a dose of happiness and were quick to leave heartwarming messages in the comments section:

“Dog: ‘Thank you, madam. I am going to my new loving home!’”

“The dog has such a cute heart-shaped nose!”

“Dog: ‘Goodbye, friend! Thanks for helping me get adopted. Okay, mom, let’s go!’”

“Happy from the bottom of my heart!”

“The clever doggo is as happy as its owner.”

The thrilled dog knows they will be happy in its new home and will be given limitless love and affection from its new mother. No matter what the future brings, this doggo will surely live the best days and make the most out of life. Congratulations! ❤️

Images credits: © 一个阿呆仔/Weibo

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