A Retired Police Dog Cries Upon Seeing Her Former Handler and Touches the Internet’s Hearts

Dogs will always be a “man’s best friend.” They always remember people who took them in and cared for them for years. A retired German Shepherd served the police force for many years. Now, she lives a comfortable life with her owner in a forever home. 2 years later, her handler decided to visit his former partner. After years of being away from each other, the former police dog ran to her handler and burst into tears when they reunited. The video touched the hearts of netizens and pulled on their heartstrings.

Chinese media reported that an 8-year-old German Shepherd named Wang Wang from Henan Province in mainland China finally retired in June 2019 after several years of service. With the government agency’s help, Wang Wang found a forever home and lives happily every day, enjoying her retirement.

2 years later, Wang Wang’s original owner and handler at the police force came to visit her. When the dog handler arrived, he called her name. Hearing a familiar voice, the retired dog came out running towards her handler. She lay on the ground while her handler caressed her face and belly. When netizens witnessed the dog crying, they felt moved. Even the dog handler cried when he and Wang Wang reunited. The reunion after a long separation made them cherish each other even more.

The heartwarming reunion video between Wang Wang and her former handler instantly went viral on the internet. However, it had a warning at the beginning of the clip, claiming that the video may be (quite) disturbing to some viewers.

“Dogs are really the most loyal partners.”

“Wang Wang must miss her dog handler so much.”

“I almost cried watching it.”

Additionally, when military or police dogs retire, they can be adopted by their handler only if the handler’s home environment is suitable. However, if various conditions are not met, the retired police dog can be taken in through open adoption. In this way, the military or police dogs can enjoy their retirement as their age advances.

Here is the emotional moment when the handler and Wang Wang reunited after 2 years. (Watch with caution!)

Images and Video credits: © The OverSeaTV/YouTube

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