Married Man Finds Love on a Silicon Doll and Spends Lonely Nights with Her for His Convenience When He is in Another City for Work

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A Handyman YouTuber Builds a Fish Tank Stroller to Take His Fish for a Walk, and Passersby are Amused

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Hilarious Photo of a Sea Lion Holding a Bucket to Remind the Aquarium Keeper of Its Feeding Time

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Famous Singer CHER Prefers to Wear Jeans and Long Hair Even When She Reaches Her 80s to Make Her Feel Young

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A Husky is Deemed a Hero When She Found a Newborn Baby Left Wrapped in Blankets in a Park

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(Video) A Group of People Forcibly Pulled Black Bear Cubs from Trees for a Selfie

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A Woman Saves Funds for 20 Years and Marries Herself When She Did Not Find Her Prince Charming

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The World’s Only McDonald’s Branch with a Teal-colored “M” Logo is in Arizona, USA

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Here are 6 of Princess Kate Middleton’s Famous Heartwarming Quotes that are All Frame-Worthy

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