A Young Woman Wanted a Vacation Leave but was Rejected by the Company and Twin Sister Substitutes for Her at Work

Most twins admit it is good to have someone who can be more than just your sister or brother, but also a best friend who has been with you since you were born. However, having a twin has its pros and cons. Recently, a video went viral of twin girls from Canada. One of them, an employee in a company, wanted to take a vacation leave but was rejected by her boss. Her twin, whom the company never knew about, covered for her while she took a day off. However, the girl who covered for her at work made a video about the incident and was discovered by the company boss. The original employee was reprimanded, which sparked heated discussion on the internet!

Various social media accounts belong to the beautiful internet celebrity sisters, Chance Twins. One of the twin sisters, Ari Chance, wanted to take a vacation leave, but her boss rejected her request. She then talked to her twin sister, who the company never knew, to cover for her at work instead. Ari and her twin, Noe, were almost identical, no one noticed at the office that it was Noe, not Ari, who was covering for her twin. However, after that day, the twins made a video of the “incident” and shared it online. Much to their dismay, the company boss discovered the video. Ari received a reprimand email from her boss, claiming they disrespected the company and other colleagues who abided by the rules and even damaged the company’s reputation.


The reprimand letter was shared by the twins on TikTok and captioned it with “We messed up!” Once again, the video aroused heated discussions among their followers and other netizens. However, many of their followers had doubts about the reprimand letter and wrote comments such as: “Why would you show a reprimand letter to the public?” and “Your boss used too many emotional words and was a bit too deliberate. It looks fake.”

No matter what the truth is, people should never reveal a mischief they have done. The internet is a public domain, and videos or photos shared that should have been kept secret are likely to be discovered, if not by the person you are avoiding, but by people who are closely connected to them. Not everything is supposed to be shared online. Real or fake news, when netizens have read them, it makes an impact on them, and the impression stays even when the post has been taken down. Be careful of what you post online.



WE MESSED UP 🥲🥲🥲🥲 @Chance Twins #fyp #twins #boss #work #greenscreen

♬ I Can Do It With a Broken Heart – Taylor Swift

When it is on the internet, it makes a great impact on others, and it is permanent. There are “internet trolls” lurking online. Beware!


Images and Video credits: © Chance Twins @chance_twins Instagram and TikTok

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