“Daddy, I’m So Tired, I Want To Sleep For Just 1 Minute”; The 9-Year-Old Boy Never Woke Up Again When He Slept

Everyone said that children today are very happy, living well without worrying about being hungry, and wearing nice designer clothing. Moreover, many children are born the only child, and they will feel that their families spoil them, which makes most of the kids really happy.

But is that really true? Behind this abundant “material” life are children who undergo a lot of stress that no one else knows, even their own parents.

“Dad, I’m very sleepy, can I take a nap? Just one minute,” whined his son.

It was 11:30 p.m., but Mr. Huang still urged his 9-year-old son to do his schoolwork.

He heard the boy’s words and believed that the child was very tired, but Mr. Huang firmly refused his son’s request.

“My dear, wait another half hour. After finishing this page, we can sleep. Shall we?” He said.

His condition was not possible to continue working, but because he had to, the child continued to do math assignments by enduring sleepiness.

When Mr. Huang went to the kitchen to pour milk for the child, he found that his son had fallen asleep on the table.  

Mr. Huang thought that he could no longer force the child to study, so he immediately carried him to bed so that the child could sleep well. However, it never occurred to him that the boy would never wake up from his sleep. This incident immediately hit the family hard.

The hospital gave the diagnosis: “Sleep deprivation for long periods, excessive mental stress, and physical exhaustion.”

Hearing this explanation from the doctor, the boy’s mother was devastated and cried. The father regretted the situation, but he could not turn back the clock. This made the boy’s parents sink into deep despair.  


Who said children today are happier?

Parents give them endless tasks. They were endlessly compared to other children, and all kinds of special classes were enforced to let them take without talking to them first. They are only children, why do they have to bear so much burden?

I hope this case will serve as a warning to all parents to reduce stress on their children! Excessive pressure and study will only backfire, especially the following consequences:

1. Puts a lot of stress on the child, which is not conducive to healthy growth

They do homework every night until midnight, and they spend all of their time doing online schoolwork and special classes. They simply don’t have any time of their own. It is too depressing and not conducive to the healthy development of a child.

2. Letting children lose their childhood and find it difficult to get happiness

Faced with such heavy stress and schoolwork, can children be happy? Childhood is supposed to be carefree, but it is difficult for children to face all of that to be happy, difficult to build a healthy character, and difficult to grow up healthy.  

3. Makes children feel tired and rebellious

With endless classes at the school online and stressful exams, will the children’s grades improve?

Everyone should know. Putting a lot of pressure on the child will only make the child tired of studying, it will even make the child rebel.

I hope we can all give our children a happy childhood and let them grow up healthy.

Do you pressure your children in their online school work, going to bed late, and getting up early every day? And, are your children enjoying their supposedly happy time?

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