The “Elf”, a Man Assumed was Tidying Up His Shed Table in the Middle of the Night, Turned Out to be a Mouse

The owner of a shed wondered every day why the table he left messy the night before was tidy, and all the stuff was neatly placed in a box. Who would enter... Read more »

11yo Boy who Loves Dogs Spent His Birthday in a Shelter and Could Not Help Bursting to Tears of Joy

Animal lovers start introducing pets to their children from the time they are born. More often than not, these children grow up being best friends with their pets and are amused by... Read more »

A Stray Dog Refused to Dismount from a Car Roof and Ignored the People Who Attempted to Help Her

For unknown reasons, stray dogs like to sit on the roof of parked cars. Theories from animal lovers claim that they love the flat and elevated surface of the car roof so... Read more »

A Labrador Retriever Falls Asleep in a Plane During a Flight with Its Upper Body Visible from the Passenger Aisle

A flight attendant on duty during a flight could not help but notice a Labrador Retriever sleeping soundly on the floor next to its master. It instantly fell asleep due to exhaustion, and its... Read more »

UK’s Tiniest Chihuahua has the Average Size of a Banana and Often Get Mistaken for a Hamster

In 2022, the unofficial title of “The Tiniest Dog in Britain”, which was previously awarded to a dog named Daisy, now belongs to a very tiny Chihuahua. Bardo was only under 8in.... Read more »

A 90kg. Mastiff Loves to Sit on the Lap of His Human Parents and Feels He is Still a Puppy

A 200-pound (approx. 90.71kg.) English Mastiff loves to cuddle with his human parents. Although he is a big dog, he is still considered a puppy since he was born on January 21,... Read more »

Honoring a Dog who Served His Country from the First Day He Joined the Police Department Until He Passed Away

K9 police dogs are hardworking and are trained well until they are ready to be deployed. They contribute so much to just a few years of duty. However, most of these K9s... Read more »

2 Dogs Playing Out in the Backyard Brought Home Dozens of Snowballs Attached to Their Fur

Oh! How lovely it is to play in the snow! People who live in countries that encounter snow during winter love to experience its wonder the first day it falls. They wear... Read more »