Be Sure to Wash the Strawberries and Other Fruits You Have Bought Before Consuming Them

FACT: Everybody loves to eat fresh strawberries! A sweet, ripe strawberry is irresistible to anyone. People never hesitate to buy strawberries for snacks or order them in restaurants to have a delicious... Read more »

4 Single Mothers from Different Cities Moved Into 1 House with Their Children and Raised Them Together

4 mothers live under one roof with their children. Although this arrangement was unique, it was beneficial for them and their children. Additionally, they are all single and have the best times... Read more »

At First Glance, You’ll See Fried Chicken. Look Closer!

Deep fried chicken? At first glance, you would see 3 brown pieces of fried chicken. But look closer! You will notice there is a white puppy at the end. Suddenly, you would... Read more »

The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal Onboard! An Airline Pilot Asks His Stewardess Girlfriend’s Hand in Marriage While Onboard the Flight to Kraków, Poland

In April, a video of a romantic marriage proposal was shared on LOT Polish Airlines’ Facebook page. On board the Warsaw-Kraków flight, LO 3905, Captain Konrad Hanc, the pilot of the flight,... Read more »

A Woman Catches a Full-Grown Cockroach and Gives It a Look-Down Before Releasing It Outside Her Apartment Window

Women nowadays are becoming fearless. A Malaysian woman took matters into her own hands (literally) when she spotted a full-grown cockroach in her bedroom. Instead of feeling disgusted and running away, she... Read more »

Married Man Finds Love on a Silicon Doll and Spends Lonely Nights with Her for His Convenience When He is in Another City for Work

Some adults are unable to bear the physical loneliness, especially married people. A few of them resort to silicon dolls for companionship, mostly when the nighttime comes. However, photos of a married... Read more »

The World’s Only McDonald’s Branch with a Teal-colored “M” Logo is in Arizona, USA

The large “M” of the McDonald’s logo has been recognizable to us since we were children. Even if we are still far from a branch, we would know where a McDonald’s restaurant... Read more »

Here are 6 of Princess Kate Middleton’s Famous Heartwarming Quotes that are All Frame-Worthy

British Princess Kate Middleton (Titles: Her Royal Highness Catherine, Princess of Wales; except in Scotland, where she is called “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Rothesay” instead.) shared a video on March... Read more »

This is the Cosmoth, a Fancy-Colored Type of Moth Native to North America

In the world of insects, the butterflies and moths generally transform similarly. Once they are born, they emerge as caterpillars and go through larvae stages. However, after the transition stage, butterflies emerge... Read more »

9yo Boy was Given an Octopus on His Birthday and Surprised the Family When It Gave Birth to 50 Babies

A little from Oklahoma, USA, wanted to raise an octopus since he was 3 years old. His father finally fulfilled his wish when he turned 9 years old. He bought a female... Read more »