A Jack Russell Terrier from the Hualien Search and Rescue Dog Makes Great Achievement in His First Mission After a Strong Earthquake in Taiwan

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake severely damaged Taroko in Hualien County, Taiwan. The Hualien Search and Rescue team, with their rescue dogs, Wilson, Hero, and Fancy, arrived at the Shakadang Trail to search... Read more »

The Canine Heroes are Here! 8 Search and Rescue Dogs from Several Teams Gathered in Hualien to Join the Search Mission

On the 3rd of April, at around 8:00 AM, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake devastated Hualien, Taiwan. Locals were quick to report casualties from the ordeal. The Taipei City Search and Rescue Team, Tainan... Read more »

Search and Rescue Dogs and Their Handlers Descend a Dangerous 60-Degree Sandy Slope to Look for Survivors from the Landslide

On April 3, a massive 7.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in Hualien County, Taiwan. Reports claimed that people were trapped under the boulders along Shakadang Trail in Taroko National Park. 2 bodies were already... Read more »

A Woman who Purchased 2 Seats on a Flight Refuses to Give Up 1 Seat to a Mother with a Child

Most people who love to travel alone find it more convenient to fly to their destination. Travel time is faster, they have more time to relax, and they can spend more quality... Read more »

A brave mother overcomes language barriers and travels across half the globe with the only aid of a “note” in order to meet her daughter, but almost ends up being detained at L.A. airport. Luckily…

Editor’s note: This is a true story of an old mother with language barriers travelling half the globe to meet her daughter. The story was recorded by a reporter Ms. Xiao who... Read more »

A Gray Tabby Cat was Spotted Using Her Body to Shield Her Kittens and Protected Them from the Pouring Rain

No matter the species, a mother’s love is incomparable. A young man was on his way to school during a day of heavy rain and chanced upon a mother cat and her... Read more »

Candid Shot of a Gray Cat Sipping Milk Tea from a Plastic Straw Amuses Netizens and Becomes a Potential Meme

“Is the cat really drinking milk tea using a straw?” This is a question most netizens asked when a photo of a gray cat drinking bubble milk tea circulated on social media... Read more »

Corgi Becomes Internet Sensation When He Joined the Chinese Police Force

Common police dogs working in the force are big, tough-looking breeds, such as the German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. However, photos released online with a Corgi joining the police in China have... Read more »

A Family in the UK Spots a Smiling Seal Sleeping at a Riverbank and Mistakes It for a Sandbag

A local news website in the UK, BBC, reported that a white seal was recently spotted sleeping on a riverbank in Ely, and its photos have become popular on the internet. From... Read more »

Koi Fish Owner Hired Workers To Clean His Pond But All His Fish Died After

Warning: This story may trigger owners and lovers of ornamental fish. Read at your own discretion. Preservation of expensive fish is not easy. Through his Twitter page, a netizen @anthraxxx uploaded the... Read more »