Homeless German Shepherd Finds Forever Family and Screams For Joy Seeing the Ocean for the Very First Time

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3 Shiba Inu Dogs Pulled with a Leash Refuse to Walk with Their Owner, Making Netizens Wonder if They Were Going to the Vet

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Kindhearted Bus Driver Accommodates 2 Stray Dogs Inside the Bus During a Torrential Rainstorm

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Hilarious Video of a French Bulldog Barking at a Pond Full of Carp Amuses Its Owner After Falling Into the Water

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“Kabosu,” The Shiba Inu Behind the Viral Meme Photos that Sparked a Photoshop Battle Online, is Gone and Will Always be Remembered

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Introducing: BARK Air, an Airline Made Specially for Dogs

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Husky Owner Discovered Her Dog Befriended a Deer When She Came Home After 3 Days

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A Retired Police Dog Cries Upon Seeing Her Former Handler and Touches the Internet’s Hearts

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Excited Shelter Dog Shakes Hands with the Staff Before Leaving with Its New Owner

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A Kind-hearted Administrator of a Community Installed Sheds as Temporary Shelters for Stray Dogs During the Rainy Season

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