Confused Yellow Labrador Gives Birth to 13 Puppies, and They Were All Color Black

A yellow Labrador Retriever named Lucy, who lives with her owner in Taunton, Somerset, England, gave birth to a total of 13 puppies – all of which were black. A photo of... Read more »

Fortunate German Shepherd Escaped Possible Death When He and His Owner Were Restricted to Board the Plane Due to the Size of the Dog’s Kennel

Most animal lovers believe that dogs have guardians who watch over them. Luck can be on their side, too. Recently, a German Shepherd and its owner, a female professor, were about to... Read more »

100yo US WWII Veteran Marries His 96yo Fiancée in Normandy, France, Near the D-Day Beaches

“True love comes to those who patiently wait.” This is a quote that has been proven for a long time. Some believe, but others do otherwise. Recently, news went viral of a... Read more »

A Woman Works as a Hand Model in New York and Earns $30,000 a Year!

37-year-old Alexandra Berrocal from New York works hard as a model. However, her job does not require full body appearances or random posing in front of the camera. The beautiful model earns... Read more »

A Mother and Her Daughter are Surprised to See an Unusual Guest Taking Refuge in the Bathtub in a Hotel Room They Checked Into

A mother and her daughter were recently traveling from Ohio to California and decided to stay in a hotel in Texas along the way. Much to their surprise, an unusual guest has... Read more »

An Orangutan Enters a Restaurant and Searched Its Fridge for a Drink to Quench Its Thirst Due to the Scorching Hot Weather

The hot weather nowadays affects everyone globally, including the animals – pets and wildlife. Each individual finds various ways to cool down and rehydrate. The primates, such as an orangutan, are greatly... Read more »

A Young Woman Wanted a Vacation Leave but was Rejected by the Company and Twin Sister Substitutes for Her at Work

Most twins admit it is good to have someone who can be more than just your sister or brother, but also a best friend who has been with you since you were... Read more »

Action Star Henry Cavill Saves a Co-star’s Life On Set While Filming a Movie, and the Internet Praised Him: “Superman Henry will Always Be Superman!”

41-year-old action star Henry Cavill has risen to fame through many of his film and TV works, such as “The Tudors,” “Stardust,” “Sand Castle,” “Man of Steel,” “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” “Batman... Read more »

A Giant Bat that Scared the Internet is a Native of the Asian Archipelago

Most people admit they are afraid of bats. Most movies or books describe them as deadly creatures. This has been instilled in people’s minds. Hence, they are afraid of bats when they... Read more »

Filipino Man Leaves His Finance Job at a Bank to Build a Shelter for Over 600 Rescue Dogs

When Jojo Lastimado of Rizal Province, the Philippines, was featured in a segment on 24 Oras, hosted by Kuya Kim, he revealed that he left his financial analyst job in a bank... Read more »